Miocic Claims Heavyweight Title With Convincing Win Over Fabricio Werdum

Published on May 15th, 2016 5:51 am EST

Fabricio Werdum got caught up in the moment and it cost him.

Fighting in front of 45,000 Brazilian fans, former Heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum thought that he could throw caution to the wind and knock out the challenger, Stipe Miocic. That was a terrible idea, however, as Miocic used his superior footwork and knockout power to flatten Werdum. As Werdum struggled to understand what had happened, Miocic celebrated his well-deserved title win.

The 45,000 fans in attendance, who had seen most of their fighters win up until that point, were left stunned and dejected as Werdum struggled to get up from the canvas.


The UFC has long wanted to make significant inroads into the European market. Conor McGregor was the breakthrough, but now the UFC has struck gold once again in a Heavyweight title match between Miocic and Alistair Overeem.

It was widely assumed that the next Heavyweight title fight would take place at Madison Square Garden in November, but with Miocic and Overeem set to throw leather, the UFC might now be considering some sort of stadium show in Europe instead. After all, both Miocic and Overeem are popular in the European market, and hosting a title fight somewhere in Europe might make a great deal of sense for the UFC. There are issues with the time zone, however.

The King is talking to the camera about the fallout from UFC 198 in Brasil - Stipe Miocic had a huge night

A number of fighters had very big nights on Saturday night, but none had a bigger night than Stipe Miocic.

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