Conor McGregor Tweets That He Is Back on UFC 200, Dana White Says No

Published on April 26th, 2016 3:18 am EST

The bizarre Conor McGregor saga continued earlier today with a late night Tweet from Conor McGregor and an emphatic statement from Dana White.

Late last night (or, early morning in Iceland), Conor McGregor Tweeted that he had been added back onto the UFC 200 card. Many people smelled a rat, as the Tweet was not followed up by any sort of an official statement by the UFC.

Early on Tuesday morning, UFC President Dana White said in a statement to the LA Times that McGregor had not spoken to the UFC and that he was not, in fact, back on the UFC 200 card. White emphasized that the decision to pull McGregor/Diaz from UFC 200 has been made and is now final.

White, however, did say that there is a good chance of McGregor fighting this summer, possibly at the company's UFC 201 event in August.


Nate Diaz, who was promised a spot on the UFC 200 card if he wanted one, Tweeted earlier tonight that he was "going on vacation". Many people have taken this to mean that he is, in fact, off of UFC 200 as well. Diaz has said that he only wants the McGregor fight, but now the UFC is saying that McGregor will fight the winner of Aldo/Edgar next.

The King is scratching his beard in confusion.  Thinking about the Conor McGregor and UFC dispute over the upcoming 200th event

In short, the Conor McGregor vs UFC storyline continues forward without any sort of a resolution. There is too much money involved for the two sides not to settle their grievances and come to some sort of an agreement, but when that will happen remains to be seen.

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