Machida, Barao Both Big Favorites To Win

Published on December 19th, 2014 7:03 pm EST

If you are looking for close fights, this weekend's UFC Fight Night card in Barueri, Brazil is likely not for you.

The main event and co-main event both feature former champions who call Brazil home. The UFC elected, however, not to put Lyoto Machida and Renan Barao in competitive fights - instead, both men are heavily favored heading into tomorrow night.

Here are the current odds for both fights:

Lyoto Machida, -700
CB Dollaway, +450

Renan Barao, -950
Mitch Gagnon, +575

According to these odds, Lyoto Machida has a 87.72% chance of winning the fight while Renan Barao has a 90.09% chance of winning his tilt.

In short - these are NOT competitive fights, at least in the eyes of the bookmakers.

Of course, this is the UFC and anything can happen when two people step inside of the Octagon to face each other. A well-timed punch from either Dollaway or Gagnon could end the fight in a flash. However, given the pedigree of both Machida and Barao, and given the fact that both men will have the rabid Brazilian fans on their sides, it remains hard to see how Dollaway or Gagnon will be able to walk out of Barueri with a victory.

If you are looking for competitive fights, this weekend's card might be a miss. If you are looking for lopsided contests that showcase the abilities of two of the UFC's absolute best, tomorrow's UFC Fight Night card will be a can't miss affair.

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