Woodley Adamant That He Won't Fight His Teammate

Published on September 4th, 2014 2:54 pm EST

Tyron Woodley, who is coming off of an impressive victory over Dong Hyun Kim last month, is pretty adamant about his desire NOT to fight Hector Lombard.

UFC President Dana White has said that Woodley/Lombard is the fight that he would like to see next in the Welterweight division. White, in one of his UFC 177 press conferences, alluded to the difficulties that he was having in booking the fight. In short, White said, Lombard wants the fight but Woodley doesn't.

According to Woodley, he won't fight Lombard unless it is for the title. The reason? The two fighters both train at ATT (American Top Team) and Woodley has said that he won't fight a teammate unless it's for a title.

In addition, Woodley said, the fight doesn't make sense when it comes to the rankings in the division. Based on the rankings, Woodley says, he should be fighting Matt Brown next and not Lombard, as Matt Brown is ranked #5 while Lombard is ranked #6. Woodley, on the other hand, is the #3 ranked fighter in the division behind contenders Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald.

According to Woodley, a fight between himself and Matt Brown would make the most sense, as the three fighters above him (Hendricks, Lawler and MacDonald) are all committed to fights, while Carlos Condit continues to rehab from a knee injury.


Dana White, on the other hand, continues to grow impatient with the situation and this may end up hurting Woodley's stock in the promotion. Dana White is an unabashed fan of fighters who want to take on anybody at any time, and he was clearly frustrated when talking about the Woodley situation this past weekend.

If White gets his way, we'll see Woodley/Lombard next. If Woodley gets his way, it'll be Woodley/Brown. Which fight would you rather see?

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