Tyron Woodley Angling For Big Money Fights

Published on January 7th, 2017 5:12 pm EST

Shortly after defeating "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler to win the Welterweight title, Tyron Woodley revealed that he was only interested in "big money" fights. This is certainly not a surprise, given the fact that UFC champions are entitled to a cut of the PPV revenues. Woodley knows that his time as a champion is limited, so why not maximize his money while he has the title?

After retaining his title against Stephen Thompson at UFC 205, Woodley didn't seem to be particularly enthused about giving Thompson an immediate rematch. This was the fight that the fans and UFC brass wanted, given that the first fight was so close.

Woodley has different plans, however, and has been beating the drum for some "big money" fights that he wants to see take place.

According to Woodley, he wants the following fights in this order:

1) Michael Bisping
2) Conor McGregor
3) Stephen Thompson

Now, Woodley would obviously want to fight McGregor next, as Conor is the biggest fight that any champion can hope for in the UFC. McGregor is reportedly out until the summer while his girlfriend gives birth to their first child, however, so Woodley wants another big name in the interim - Michael Bisping.

Bisping and Woodley have been "feuding" as of late, with the two men reportedly agreeing to fight at a catchweight of 180 pounds.

Many hardcore MMA fans are outraged at the possibility of this fight taking place, as both men have very tough title challenges lined up. Bisping is set to square off against Yoel Romero, while Woodley is supposed to defend next against Stephen Thompson. Neither man seems to be too enthused about either fight, which is why they seem to be trying to make their own fights against bigger names.

The King is holding a piece of paper with latest mma news on it, while gesturing that is the way it goes with his other hand.

With the system of sharing PPV profits that the UFC has set up, this is the situation that they are finding themselves in now, with their title holders only waiting big fights. You can certainly understand things from the fighter's perspectives - why would Tyron Woodley want to fight Stephen Thompson, when a tilt against Conor McGregor would make him millions of dollars?

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