UFC 200 Continues To Be in Disarray Thanks To Conor McGregor Situation

Published on April 23rd, 2016 5:32 pm EST

UFC 200, which was originally titled "McGregor vs Diaz 2", should be re-titled "We're Working on It" for the time being.

The card has been thrown into disarray thanks to the dispute between the UFC and Conor McGregor. McGregor, the Featherweight champion, has grown tired of tirelessly promoting cards and wanted the option to skip the promo for UFC 200 so that he could focus on training. The UFC had other ideas and eventually pulled McGregor from the card.

The UFC held a press conference in Las Vegas yesterday for UFC 200. Members of the media hammered Dana White on the McGregor situation, with Ariel Helwani going as far as to ask Dana White why the fight wasn't being made when both fighters still want it.

Instead of promoting a stacked card that included their biggest star, the UFC was left to sheepishly hold a press conference for a card that lacks a main event.

In addition, Nate Diaz, who has been promised a spot on the card regardless of the Conor McGregor situation, has said that he is still training to face Conor McGregor and will not be fighting at UFC 200 otherwise.


It's pretty clear at this point that the UFC is waiting to see how the Jon Jones vs OSP fight goes tonight before announcing the UFC 200 main event. If Jones wins tonight and escapes witn no injuries, the UFC will almost certainly announce Jones vs Cormier 2 for the main event of UFC 200.

If Jon Jones doesn't win tonight or suffers an injury - well, then UFC 200 will be thrown into complete disarray.

In short - there is quite a bit more on the line in tonight's Jones vs OSP tilt than first meets the eye. If Jones loses or gets injured, there is a reasonable chance that McGregor ends up on UFC 200 to save the card, as he and Diaz have both said that they are still down to fight on the card.

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