Goldberg Removed From Announcer's Booth Following Disastrous Debut

Published on October 14th, 2014 5:59 pm EST

Mike Goldberg will not be returning to the NFL on Fox announcer's booth this coming weekend.

Goldberg, who is well known to fans of the UFC, was given the chance of a lifetime when it was revealed that he would be doing the play-by-play for a number of NFL on Fox games this season. Mr. "IT IS OVER" has made a name for himself by being the long-time voice of the UFC and he was looking to parlay this into a potentially lucrative broadcast gig on Fox. The crossover made sense from a business point of view as well, as the UFC and Fox are currently in the middle of a seven year deal.

The problem? Mike Goldberg was unbelievably bad in his NFL broadcasting debut this past weekend. Goldberg consistently flubbed the names of players and was even confused as to which players played on which team. It was an unmitigated disaster and there was a number of media stories that focused on just how bad Goldberg was.

All of that could have been potentially forgiven as Goldberg is still learning the ropes. Goldberg, however, lashed out at some of his detractors on Twitter on Sunday evening, cussing out numerous people and generally being as unprofessional as possible. The media picked up on this meltdown and it appeared as though Goldberg's days in the booth would be numbered.

Earlier this morning, Goldberg revealed that he has been pulled from the game that he was planning to call this weekend. Will he be gone for just one week or is this it for Goldberg and the NFL?


It's not surprising to see Fox act so swiftly in this matter. After all, Fox shells out billions of dollars per year for the right to broadcast NFL games and the last thing they want is for one of their announcers to be cussing out fans.

My guess is that Goldberg remains far, far away from the NFL broadcast booth and instead sticks to his bread and butter, the UFC.

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