Dana White Says That McGregor Will Have Big Announcement After UFC 205

Published on October 5th, 2016 6:09 pm EST

Shortly after the UFC officially announced Conor McGregor v Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight title at UFC 205, UFC President Dana White said something cryptic that has many fans scratching their heads.

In responding to a question about why the Alvarez v McGregor fight was made, White said that the fight made sense at this current time, and that McGregor had an announcement coming after UFC 205 that would be surprising and unexpected. White said that it wasn't his place to break the news and that McGregor would be announcing it in his own time.

This obviously has fans speculating as to what could be next for McGregor. Here are some of the possibilities that have been tossed about by fans:

1) Retirement announcement. There doesn't seem to be much validity to this, especially given the fact that McGregor has already said that he plans to continue "crushing" people after UFC 205. Given McGregor's earning power and young age, this seems very unlikely to me, especially if he defeats Alvarez at UFC 205.

Possibility: Unlikely.

2) Taking time off for personal reasons. Some have speculated that McGregor's girlfriend, Dee Devlin, could be pregnant and that McGregor will want to take some time off to focus on the birth of his child. This seems like a reasonable possibility to me - given McGregor's frantic work pace over the last couple of years, he would certainly be entitled to some time off as well, though the UFC would almost certainly demand that he drop one of the titles to do so.

Possibility: More Likely.

3) Other personal endeavors. McGregor is a global superstar right now, and it wouldn't surprise me to hear that he has accepted a major role in a movie or something of that nature. The UFC allowed Ronda Rousey to take some time off to film movies - given that WME-IMG now owns the UFC, I wouldn't be surprised if the two sides have worked out a deal to land McGregor a role in a major movie. I could see McGregor taking some time off to film a movie following UFC 205.

Possibility: More Likely.

4) Mayweather fight. Some have speculated that McGregor might retire from the UFC so that he can fight Floyd Mayweather. It doesn't work like that, and the UFC would never allow McGregor to take part in a boxing fight against Mayweather. There is a remote possibility, however, that the UFC and Mayweather could work out some sort of co-promotional deal, though this seems extremely unlikely.

Possibility: Very Remote.

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What do you think Conor McGregor's big, "out of left field" announcement will be following UFC 205 in November?

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