MacDonald Likely One More Win Away From Title Shot

Published on July 28th, 2013 11:37 pm EST

It was widely expected that Rory MacDonald vs Jake Ellenberger was going to be a slugfest, but MacDonald decided to neutralize Ellenberger's biggest weapon (his knockout power) en route to a one-sided decision victory.

We've seen it before from fighters who train at the TriStar gym when squaring off against opponents with power - jab your opponent into oblivion to neutralize their power. Georges St. Pierre employed this strategy perfectly against Josh Koscheck in their second fight, and MacDonald did the exact same thing against Ellenberger last night. Sure, the fight wasn't what the fans were wanting or expecting, but it was certainly effective enough to seal the victory. Many people are blaming MacDonald for the lacklustre fight, but if Ellenberger isn't dynamic enough to come up with a counter-strategy, he doesn't deserve to win.


With MacDonald's underwhelming victory last night, he virtually assured himself that he will have to fight at least one more time before he gets a shot at the Welterweight title. After all, GSP is fighting Johny Hendricks in November - best case scenario, Rory MacDonald would be on the shelf waiting until the spring of 2014, and I highly doubt that he would want to be on the shelf that long. Besides, I don't think that Dana White would want to give MacDonald the next shot right now anyways after his underwhelming fight against Ellenberger.

So, who might be next for MacDonald?

Following his win over Ellenberger, MacDonald mentioned that he was intent on avenging his only loss in the UFC - Carlos Condit. Now, Condit is fighting Martin Kampmann later in the year, so Condit would have to win that fight before a MacDonald/Condit rematch could be made.

In my opinion, MacDonald will almost certainly get the winner of Kampmann/Condit - this is the only fight that really seems to make sense at this point. Both MacDonald/Kampmann and MacDonald/Condit would likely be exciting fights, as both Kampmann and Condit are exciting and multi-dimensional fighters.

The "money" non-title Welterweight fight right now would be Rory MacDonald vs Carlos Condit, with the winner getting a title shot, but Condit has to beat Kampmann before that can happen.

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