Amanda Nunes Wins Close Decision Over Valentina Shevchenko

Published on September 10th, 2017 3:40 pm EST

In the main event of UFC 215 on Saturday night, Women's Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes held on to her title after eking out a close victory over Valentina Shevchenko.

In fact, many thought that Shevchenko won the fight, as she was more active and landed the cleaner blows.

Amanda Nunes' victory puts the UFC in a fairly odd predicament, as they now have a Women's Bantamweight champion that both fans and the UFC don't particularly like.

The rankings situation at the top of the division is a bit of a mess as well:

Champion - Amanda Nunes

1 - Valentina Shevchenko
2 - Holly Holm
3 - Julianna Pena
4 - Ronda Rousey
5 - Raquel Pennington

Ronda Rousey is clearly retired at this point, while Holly Holm is likely moving up to Featherweight to take on "Cyborg" for the title.

So what does that leave us?

In my opinion, the UFC can go in two different directions:

1) Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington
2) Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko III

In my opinion, the only option is another rematch between Shevchenko and Nunes. The second fight was very close and I'm not sure that the public really cares about Nunes vs Pennington. If Nunes didn't hold a title, Nunes vs Pennington would be undercard material.


The Women's Bantamweight division used to be filled with a tremendous amount of star power (Rousey, Tate, Holm) and now it feels like it might get forgotten by the UFC, especially if Shevchenko moves to 125.