What's Next For Ronda Rousey Following Her Second Straight Devastating Loss?

Published on January 1st, 2017 1:46 pm EST

In the main event of UFC 207 on Friday night, "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey, formerly the world's most dominant fighter, was destroyed at the hands of Amanda Nunes.

In the end, the fight wasn't even close, as Nunes starched Rousey in just 48 seconds. It was the ultimate in irony for Rousey, as she made a name for herself by destroying her opponents within seconds, and now it was she that was at the receiving end of a quick beatdown.

For the second straight fight in a row, Rousey's glaring weaknesses were exposed for all of the world to see. While Rousey is an extremely accomplished judoka and grappler, she is alarmingly bad on the feet. In her fight against Nunes, Rousey showed zero head movement and was absolutely mauled by Nunes. It was the type of fight performance that you would expect from somebody like CM Punk - not a former champion.


Ronda Rousey is still in her 20s, which has led many to wonder if she will try again or simply just walk away.

There is no doubt that Rousey has enough money so that she never has to fight again - after all, Rousey had a base salary of $3 million for UFC 207, plus she will receive a cut of the PPV revenues as well. At the end of the day, Rousey should walk away with over $10 million from the fight.

Does a clearly shattered Rousey still have the motivation to fight? This is somebody who took over a year off after her first loss and said that she dealt with crippling depression in the aftermath of the Holm fight.
The MMA King is sitting on his couch and contemplating the Ronda Rousey situation.  Will she be back?  Is she retiring?  Personal computer on his lap.  Arm around the back-rest.

I see three options for Ronda Rousey at this point:

1) Retire.

2) Find a new fight camp and try to re-invent herself.

3) Take the Brock Lesnar route and go to the WWE.

#2 is the most interesting. Rousey is close friends with the Diaz brothers, and I think that moving to their camp would do wonders for Rousey's fight game and overall mental well-being. Jackson-Wink or TriStar would also seem like great landing spots for Rousey, though both camps have members who are also in the Women's Bantamweight division. That being said, I can't see somebody like Greg Jackson turning down the opportunity to try to rebuild Rousey into a winner.

#2, however, would require a great deal of patience, humility and hard work from Rousey. It remains to be seen whether or not she wishes to go down that road.

In the past, Rousey's ultimate plan was to retire from the UFC undefeated and move full-time into movies. Following two straight losses, it is hard to envision much demand from the movie studios for Rousey's services.

The WWE has long maintained that Rousey has a home with them, so I could see her moving there as well. After all, the WWE made good use of Brock Lesnar after he suffered devastating losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem, so there is no reason that they couldn't do the same with Rousey.


I'd love to see Rousey attempt a legitimate comeback with a top tier camp. The question remains: does Rousey want to risk humiliation for the third straight time?

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