Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones Try To Fill Big Shoes

Published on January 6th, 2014 5:19 pm EST

Over the past month, the UFC has lost two of their most bankable stars in Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. Georges St. Pierre dropped his Welterweight title after a successful defense against Johny Hendricks after deciding to tend to some personal issues, while Anderson Silva had his leg shattered in a fight against Chris Weidman.

Over the course of a single month, the UFC saw their future PPV business take a big tumble. Georges St. Pierre was the promotion’s most bankable star, while Anderson Silva was a steady PPV draw at the worst of times, and a mega-star with the right foil (Chael Sonnen).

This leaves us to ask the question - who are the UFC's mega stars of the future, provided that GSP and Anderson Silva never return to the Octagon?

The three names that will likely jump out at you as possibilities - Ronda Rousey, Chris Weidman and Jon Jones.

Rousey and Jones are both big names, but the problem is that they are both disliked by fans. Ronda Rousey had to talk over a chorus of boos after her fight against Miesha Tate, while Jon Jones is always dealing with unhappy fans. Sure, Rousey and Jones will always do solid PPV numbers, but it's hard to become a mega star when you are hated by many.

Chris Weidman, fresh off of two wins over Anderson Silva, has the potential to become a mega star. The hard-working and humble Middleweight champion is winning over fans with his demeanour and work ethic. In addition, he is clean cut and good looking, which has many proclaiming that Weidman is set to become the next GSP. We will see - if Weidman can string together another 3-4 wins, he certainly has the potential to become a mega star.

In reality, the UFC's future mega stars are likely fighting on the undercard or perhaps in another promotion right now. There was a time when Georges St. Pierre was an unknown, and he managed to work his way into becoming one of the sport's biggest names. At one time, Anderson Silva was just another fighter, trying to make a living in Japan.

The truth is, the UFC's future big stars are likely people that you haven't given much thought at all to.

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