Junior dos Santos Likely at Top of List Due To Previous Victory Over Fabricio Werdum

Published on June 14th, 2015 7:23 pm EST

Last evening, Fabricio Werdum shocked the world by travelling to enemy territory and destroying Cain Velasquez to win the undisputed UFC Heavyweight title. After Velasquez won the first round of the fight, the Heavyweight champion tired and Fabricio Werdum soon took over. The end of Velasquez came in the middle of the third round, as the clearly fatigued champion dove in for an ill-advised takedown on Werdum, only to be submitted via a guillotine choke.

With Werdum now the Heavyweight champion, the sharks are already circling for a shot at the title.

There are four people that can lay claim to a possible title shot - here they are, in order of likelihood that they receive the shot:

Junior dos Santos - the immensely likeable Brazilian was in attendance at UFC 188 last evening. Junior dos Santos already has a victory over Werdum (he nearly knocked Werdum's head off at UFC 90) and is coming off of a victory against Stipe Miocic. If the UFC wants to put on a really big card in Brazil, Werdum vs dos Santos for the Heavyweight title is the way to do it. I give dos Santos the most likely chance at landing the title shot.

Andrei Arlovski - it's kind of crazy to be mentioning Arlovski as being part of the title picture, but he certainly is following his amazing knockout of Travis Browne a few weeks ago. While Arlovski vs Werdum would be an undoubtedly entertaining fight, I believe that the UFC will want Arlovski to earn at least one more victory before he gets a shot at the title. I believe that Arlovski will be passed over.

Stipe Miocic - is his recent victory over Mark Hunt enough to give Miocic a shot at the title? If Miocic hadn't lost to dos Santos, the shot would be undoubtedly his. While that decision was certainly controversial, there is no denying the fact that dos Santos had his hand raised. The dos Santos vs Miocic fight is going to be the deciding factor in awarding dos Santos the title shot, in my opinion.

Cain Velasquez - immediate rematch? No way. Werdum scored a decisive victory over the champion, and the UFC usually only gives out immediate rematches if there was some sort of a controversial decision. Velasquez is going to have to work his way back up the ladder in the Heavyweight division - he will likely need at least two wins before he gets another shot at the title.


In my opinion, Junior dos Santos is in the driver's seat when it comes to the next title shot.

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