Condit Stops Martin Kampmann in Fourth Round

Published on August 28th, 2013 11:37 pm EST

Earlier tonight, Carlos Condit stopped Martin Kampmann in the fourth round of their fight to earn his first win in his last three fights.

Condit looked to be in for a long night during the first round, as Kampmann was able to score a total of four takedowns. However, Condit was able to stay on his feet after that, eventually wearing his Danish opponent down with his tremendous pace and dynamic striking attack.

Condit opened up a big cut on Kampmann's forehead during the third round, and was able to stop his opponent about a minute into the fourth round.


Condit was the #2 ranked Welterweight heading into this fight, and his ranking won't change as a result of the win. GSP is the champion, while Johny Hendricks is the #1 contender.

The problem Carlos Condit has is that he has already lost to both St. Pierre and Hendricks. However, both fights won Fight of the Night bonuses, so fans surely wouldn't be disappointed to see a rematch of either fight.

Having said that, Condit will likely have to win one more fight before getting another shot at the Welterweight title. Here are some potential opponents for Condit:

1. Rory MacDonald
2. Robbie Lawler
3. Demian Maia

Rory MacDonald is scheduled to fight Robbie Lawler later in the year, while Demian Maia is set to square off against Jake Shields.

I think that Condit will likely fight the winner of one of those fights, with the winner of that fight getting a likely title shot.

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