Alistair Overeem on Very Thin Ice After Second Straight Loss

Published on August 18th, 2013 2:47 pm EST

When Alistair Overeem was signed by the UFC, there was some talk of an immediate title shot for the former Strikeforce Heavyweight champion.

At the time, Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez were just about to fight on the debut UFC on Fox card, and Overeem decided that he didn't want to wait. The UFC gave Alistair a fight in the interim against former champion Brock Lesnar - Overeem battered and bruised Lesnar, finishing off Brock in the first round.

Overeem looked invincible and was guaranteed a shot at newly crowned Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

It was reported that the UFC paid a pretty penny to lock up the services of Overeem (big signing bonus, big guaranteed salary per fight, PPV points), but the contract seemed to be a good deal following Overeem's destruction of Lesnar. Dos Santos vs Overeem was going to be a big, big fight.


Shortly after the Overeem/Lesnar fight, if I had told you that not only would Overeem NOT fight for the title but that he would get knocked out in his next two fights, you probably wouldn't have believed me.

However, that is exactly what has happened to Overeem.

To start, Overeem tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and was unable to obtain a license to fight Junior dos Santos at UFC 146. Dos Santos fought Frank Mir instead, with Dos Santos scoring an easy knockout victory.

Overeem not only had to obtain a license to fight following his failed test, but he also had to talk his way into the good graces of Dana White and the UFC. He was able to do so, and the organization gave him a winnable fight against Antonio Silva. There was no question that the UFC wanted to give Overeem a title shot with a win over Silva.

Unfortunately for Overeem, his cockiness ended up being his downfall against Silva, as "Bigfoot" ended up knocking out Overeem in the third round of their fight.

Fast forward to UFC on Fox Sports 1: Sonnen vs Shogun. Overeem was given another winnable fight against Travis Browne, and there was talk that he would be given a title shot with an impressive victory. Despite getting off to an impressive start, Overeem soon wilted and was eventually knocked out with a front kick to the face.

With his second straight knockout loss, the Alistair Overeem hype train has officially come off the tracks. The idea of Overeem being competitive against either Dos Santos or Velasquez is laughable at this point, especially given Overeem's alarming lack of cardio and weak chin. Can you imagine Overeem putting up with Cain's unrelenting attack for five rounds? I certainly can't.


With all of this being said, it's hard to imagine that the UFC will keep doling out all of this money for Overeem's continued underperformance. Overpaid and under performing fighters usually find themselves leaving the UFC pretty quickly, and I don't expect Overeem to be any different. Barring Overeem reworking his deal, I would not be surprised to see Overeem being handed his walking papers fairly quickly.

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