Definition of Bantamweight

What is the definition of the term "Bantamweight" when it comes to mixed martial arts? What does the term "bantamweight" mean?

In mixed martial arts, "Bantamweight" refers to the weight class that includes fighters between the weights of 126 pounds and 135 pounds. As with other divisions, fighters are allowed one extra pound for weigh-ins for non-title fights - for title fights, fighters must weigh in at no more than 135 pounds.

What is Bantamweight class?  Kings Mixed Martial Arts Dictionary - Meaning of MMA termsThere are currently two "Bantamweight" divisions in the UFC - the Men's Bantamweight division and the Women's Bantamweight division.

The inaugural UFC Bantamweight champion was Dominick Cruz. Cruz was the WEC Bantamweight champion at the time of the UFC/WEC merger and since the UFC didn't have a Bantamweight division at the time, Cruz was named its first champion.

The inaugural UFC Women's Bantamweight champion was "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey. Rousey was declared the Women's Bantamweight champion at a press conference in 2012 - she then went on to make her first successful title defense against Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 in February of 2013.


The Bantamweight divisions produce some of the most exciting fights in the UFC.