Definition of Lightweight

What is the definition of the term "lightweight" when it comes to mixed martial arts? What does the term "lightweight" mean?

In mixed martial arts, the "lightweight" division includes all fighters between the weights of 146 and 155 pounds.

For non-title fights, Lightweight fighters can weigh in at as much as 156 pounds, while for title fights, Lightweight fighters must weigh in at no more than 155 pounds.

MMA term definition - Lightweight - Kings Mixed Martial Arts / Octagon DictionaryIn the UFC, the Lightweight title was brought into existence at UFC 30 (well, it was first known as the Bantamweight title) and was won by Jens Pulver (who beat Caol Uno).

After that, the title was held by the likes of BJ Penn, Frankie Edgar, Ben Henderson and Anthony "Showtime" Pettis. The Lightweight title has not changed hands very often in the UFC - as a matter of fact, the shortest ever title reign in the division was over a year (Jens Pulver, 393 days). The longest title reign? BJ Penn, who held the title for a total of 812 days before losing to Frankie Edgar at UFC 112.

The UFC Lightweight title was officially unified with the Strikeforce Lightweight title on April 20th, 2013, when Ben Henderson defeated Gilbert Melendez at UFC on Fox: Henderson vs Melendez.


The "Lightweight" division has some of the most exciting fights in the UFC, as you combine the speed and quickness of the lower weight classes with increasing levels of power, as some of the Lightweight fighters can weigh upwards of 180 pounds when they actually step into the Octagon.