Definition of Welterweight

What is the definition of the term "Welterweight" in mixed martial arts? What does the term "Welterweight" mean?

In mixed martial arts, the "Welterweight" division includes all fighters who weigh between 156 and 170 pounds. As with other divisions, fighters are allowed a one pound buffer (up to 171 pounds) in non-title fights.

Definition of Welterweight - King Mixed Martial Arts Dictionary - Term meaningThe UFC first introduced the "Welterweight" title at UFC 31 on May 4th, 2001. Canadian Carlos Newton was the first person to ever hold the Welterweight title in the UFC - his reign lasted a total of 183 days before he dropped the title to Matt Hughes at UFC 34.

A number of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers, including BJ Penn, Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre, have held the Welterweight title. Georges St. Pierre has the longest ever title reign in the division and only lost the title (the second time he held it) because he decided to drop it. During St. Pierre's reign as champion, he defeated the likes of BJ Penn, Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz.

The Welterweight division is one level above the Lightweight division and one level below the Middleweight division.