Bet on Kevin Lee v Michael Chiesa

Fight: Kevin Lee vs Michael Chiesa
Event: UFC Fight Night 112 on June 25th, 2017
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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 Michael Chiesa (14-2-0)

Fractional: 1/1
Decimal: 2.00
Implied Odds of Winning: 50%

A successful $100 wager on Michael Chiesa would return a total profit of $100


 Kevin Lee (15-2-0)

Fractional: 8/11
Decimal: 1.73
Implied Odds of Winning: 57.8%

A successful $100 wager on Kevin Lee would return a total profit of $73



An intriguing Lightweight tilt will headline the UFC's Fight Night card in Oklahoma City as Michael Chiesa will battle Kevin Lee.

Lee is currently in the midst of a four fight winning streak that includes wins over Jake Matthews and Efrain Escudero, while Chiesa has won his last three fights in a row (Dariush, Miller and Clarke).

This fight is seen as being extremely close, as Kevin Lee has the slight advantage in Las Vegas, though Chiesa is essentially a coin flip to win.

The odds for this fight have pretty much remained stable since they were first released, with Kevin Lee remaining the slight favourite to win since the odds were first made available.

Chiesa enters this fight as the Lightweight division's #7 ranked fighter, while Kevin Lee is currently ranked #12. A win for Chiesa would likely break him into the top 5, which could move him to within a couple of wins of a shot at the title.


Other Notes:

These two fighters have a tremendous amount of bad blood between them, as they were involved in a fight at a UFC press conference. Kevin Lee mentioned Chiesa's mother, Chiesa took offence and the two fighters traded blows.